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Diversity 2022

by Yesten's Legacy

Unworthy 01:15
Soulless RMX 02:15
Fake Blood 01:47


I've put "remakes" of old released tracks (tracks 8-10) at the end of the album because it flows better that way (for once, the music genres included in the Diversity 20xx album are relatively homogenous).

Chronological order in which I made all these tracks:

- Unworthy
- Much Really Munchie Kingdom
- Soulless RMX
- Some Love For the Doomers RMX
- Twilight Bird
- Fake Blood
- Getting High Getting Low
- Quirky Misfits
- Spider People

I still have some room for improvement because while my speaking voice is alright, my new singing voice is basically the tranny voice LOL
Also it hasn't fully stabilized yet so singing on key is as easy as it was for me back in 2019-2020 (ah, the bad old days of off-key Yesten songs...)

2022 was the best year of my life as of now (I'll give it something like a 6.5-7/10), but I hope 2023 will be even better!

Hum, now let's come back at working for my exams in order for me to be accepted in a (experimental psychology OR neuropsychology) master lol

They said that the people who select students for the experimental psychology masters focus more on motivation than marks while the neuropsychology ones are suuuuper hard to be accepted in, so I know which one I'm likely already rejected from (lol).
But contrary to 80% of the people at the university who plan to become researchers, I already know what precise subjects I want to work on in the future. And all the people I talked about these subjcts went "WOW SO INTERRESTING", so I hope this will allow me to be accepted more easily! :)

I'm still trying to get good marks though. This year is very tough since it's the final year before masters. Let's hope my marks in the psychanalysis subject won't doom my first semester and that the masters focus on the fact that I tend to have good marks in the subjects that are more scientific / biological.


released December 31, 2022




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