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Galileo fucker flame

by Rico Eisenberg



The new ecologicaslly sustainable Rico Eisenberg album OR WHATEVER!!!!! U guys are the ones who r listening so it's like OKKKKK i can put What-I-Want in this box. Hahahahah


released October 13, 2021

Rico coolsauce motherfuck of balls Eisenberg
Kewl olive tree in my backyard did all of the sounds
MY music MY problems. Trees usually are not equipped w legal guys and enforcement bono grossos so get it outcha mind.
Fuck bono from U2 too but that's not what im talking about. My ipad is still mad at you. Threw it into a white asbestos wall out of anger at the stupids in that dad bod band. I dont NEED your album. Nobody Did, For Fuxz Sake. Go piss yourselves in the Ashamed, Lonely and Malding Corner BOOOOOOOOOOO




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