i want to know what makes a human

by janis lago

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originally aired on DJ BLeeK's Urban Mutant radio show ( www.mixcloud.com/UrbanMutant/stream/ ) on Hollow Earth Radio, KHUH 104.9 FM Seattle on July 28th, 2021 alongside a 30-minute dj mix
this release is subtitled Live From Atlanta despite not actually being a live album in any regard

im out there @ twitter.com/sugarcanechapel
and you can reach me at janislago@gmail.com
best wishes


released July 29, 2021

lago produces, arranges, makes cover art, plays trombone, sings, whistles, performs impromptu percussion against tables/chairs/bedposts, and assembles lyrics, among other things

special thanks to DJ BLeeK and Hollow Earth Radio for airing this




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