Sonar Focus

by Lunar Plexus



FORM 2019 10 25 A

ensemble works by multiple 7FORM contributors


released October 25, 2019

all music by the following*:

claudia sheffner (computer, samples, electronics, mixing, arrangement)
valyri bosserman (guitar, violin, voice, flute, chord organ, synthesizer)
leif colburn (household objects, computer, samples)
lisa perez (computer, samples)
alexander trynski (computer, samples)
aerel beker (household objects, field recordings, synthesizer)
ellia nora dawson (guitar, synthesizer)

conceptualized by claudia sheffner.
massive thanks to will cirenes.

*all names listed are aliases or real names of individuals. there are no duplicate names.

part 4 of the 1st suite contains no instrumentation aside from layered youtube videos and manipulated samples. sheffner would like to thank all the musicians whose work has been involuntarily entwined with the history of 7FORM and the lunar plexus ensemble.




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
thank you

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