barren spree river

from Outside Hitman 3's Berlin Club by KTC BlackBerry



swerve up to the church of human bios
pray to satan, smoke a jens pack, turn the lights off
light another one for lil media
black metal corpsepaint on i feel insidious
moonlight ritual yeah were serious
i am hearing voices in my head & theyre not here with us
bring me back to life, im evanescent
no stars in the sky tonight, just an orange crescent

fuck it burn the church down let them feel unsettled
ktc i lick my finger and it tastes like metal
what have i become like nine inch nails still i aint gonna pray
go on pass the jens blunt all i wanna do is fade away

upload my consciousness to deezer
after im gone make sure to throw away my fucking visa
i feel im not in touch with the world, i just count away the days
fuck my life im in berlin and everyone dies in this place


from Outside Hitman 3's Berlin Club, released February 26, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
thank you

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