Hey, daughter
Why don't you want to tell me what you're doing?
Why are you always hidding things from me?
I am your mother
Familly is magical, you should show me everything you do
Why are you hidding things from me?
What do you do each thurdays? Each thursdays morning?
What do you do? Where do you go?
Why aren't you in class?
You tell me that you do your classes at different times, but I don't believe you
What are you doing?
Class is a priority
Classes are a priority
School is a priority
And that's something that you cannot understand
Because, hmm, I secretly think that you are stupid
And also, you are not me, you are you
Doesn't matter who you are
Doesn't matter that you're part of the familly that I propagandize as something magical and fabulous
Doesn't matter that you're part of this
I still think that you are inferior to me
Because I am superior to everyone
Every fucking person in this world
Why? Because I am me
I wanna be God
But I don't believe in God
So, I'm gonna become God
And how can I become God?
Well, if I dismiss everyone, every single fucking human being
Then, I will considered a superior kind of human being
And you know that God is a human being that is better than all human beings right?

That's exactly what I want to become
That is exactly my plan
My name is God
But it's not how people call me
And that's why I'm not gonna call you by your preferred name
I'm gonna call you what I decide because I wanna decide everything
I am God
That is what I wanna be
I will become God

I don't give a shit about what you say
I don't give a shit about your well-being
I will become God

Familly is magical my fabulous little sweet boobies vagina little fucking daughter
Listen to me I'm not a fucking witch as you try to portray me
I am God
I am fabulous, majestic
I am the best single person in the world

Don't flee from me
No one hiddes from God
Don't try to escape
I will find you and I will torture you
Because no one said that God had to be a good person, right?
So I can just do what I want to do
And I'm gonna destroy you
Because I really despise you
There's nothing in the world that I hate more than people who dare trying to escape from me
I will torture you little fucking bitch
You won't fucking escape
You will die
But I will try to keep you alive
Keep you alive for as much time as I can
Because the more time you stay in this world, the more time you are tortured
And I fucking enjoy it when people suffer
So my little fucking shitty bitch
I hope that you have a terrible time on Earth
Signed, your momma that doesn't like you


from Decompensation of Troubled Trash, released February 20, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
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