Stop it, stop it, stop it stop it stop it

Stop being so bad, stop being so fucking ugly
I have to be the worst thing, don't be so fucking ugly
They say I have good sides, they say that I have qualities
And I'm like:
"No, fuck that shit
I wanna be the worst thing"

What's the use of me being alive
If am not the worst fucking piece of shit
This is what I exist for
If I wasn't there, someone else would take place
I have to stay to stay alive just to be the worst thing
I wish I could die but I have a place in life
This is the role I get, I should not forget
I fucking hate talking about the good sides that I get

Why did I do that?
Why did I aknowledge it?
I can only be made of the worst little fucking big deal of shit
Why did I say that there were people who told me that I had fucking fucking GOOD SIDES
A fucking lie, yes

I don't wanna listen to them
I wanna be the worse little fucking piece of shit

You hear this name
This is Satan who's talking
I am the worst fucking piece of shit
As I should be
No one is trying to murder me yet
Cause I'm living to my standards
No one is doing this yet

If someone should kill me it will be me


from Decompensation of Troubled Trash, released February 20, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
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