pull up schönhauser allee
im swervin thru berlin
feel spiders on my body
beneath the limousine
under the metropolis lights i weep
with blood on designer shoes im weak

youre like a jpg to me, i still think abt you
drift off alone into the evening blue
under the metropolis lights i weep
with blood over my face im weak

its friday and i sing the rotten city blues
i might just jump off from the ableton hq
dive into a sea of blood in germany
the neon lights illuminate me
hydrocodone temple
lying face down in the pills
below the gods i tremble
i trust my phone to separate me from the real

its friday im in love
i pray that i dont die
i hope that im alive in the city
in the city in berlin im in berlin

pay with my visa in the mall
its the only place i feel safe in
hope that the reaper wont call
the grey skies feel like theres no escaping
give me a call i just wanna hear a human voice
were built to fall i just wanna have a different choice
its in my blood yeah the wolves raised me
the concrete walls surround, encase me


from Outside Hitman 3's Berlin Club, released February 26, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
thank you

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