Nothing is Safe Like Clipping

from Who is God of Berlin? by God of Berlin



Warning Warning
The Sirens go off in the distance
A big creature in the dark emerges
Everyone runs around me
Finding a space to hide
Horror stories come true each night
Waking up in the same city
Each time in a different spot
Every time i go outside i listen to field recordings
Each person looks me in the face
Each day i just want to live
Being on this world is a gamble
The game of life isnt easy
I'm screaming out the memories of the past
My shell starts to break
Is this a transformation or is this death
what the fuck is each moment of life
Do we reach the goals we set each year
Waiting for the bus gets harder in the winter
Stomping through the snow in a grey area
It looks more peaceful than usual
Nothing is safe like a clipping. song
but no one is around to kill you


from Who is God of Berlin?, released February 20, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
thank you

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