scandium seaborgium

from Outside Hitman 3's Berlin Club by KTC BlackBerry



weird bandcamp pack smoke feel it in my lungs
scandium seaborgium we break down in the club
blackberry in my pocket i never showed no love
it was late at night when i was feelin life was not enough

ktc wallflower at the party i feel numb
go out, pulse demon it, anxious from the sprite in my cup
i just want the motherfuckers to give me back my soul
live the decon club lifestyle save me from the AS show

vampire days yeah i cant be seen out in the sun
all these british bitches around me prolly read The Sun
sunrise again i have to speed off in the sports car
enter the void again myself i feel like oscar
from an empty seat in the limo i see a spark
leave me in the night i wanna fade into the dark
i wanna fall back into place


from Outside Hitman 3's Berlin Club, released February 26, 2021




Diva Blue Djibouti

Desirable source, holy destination
thank you

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